Mark Murphy is the founder of CommonsWare and will serve as the trainer for your seminars. Mark has delivered Android application development training since 2009, and to date has trained well over 1,000 developers in how to write Android apps.

As a leading expert in Android, Mark has not only delivered countless training classes, but has also presented at dozens of conferences, meetups, and similar events. And, along the way, he has contributed countless hours helping developers overcome challenges in their day-to-day Android work.

Oh, and he wrote a book.

First published in June 2008, The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development has been continually edited and extended over the years. At over 4,500 pages, the book is easily the single largest compendium of Android app development knoweldge.

Mark updates the book every 4-8 weeks, to cover the latest changes in Android app development, from new Android releases to new Android Studio updates to the latest in libraries from Google and other Android experts.

Every attendee of the training receives a Warescription, entitling the attendee to a copy of the book, six months of updates, and access to subscriber-only office hours.

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development has hundreds of sample projects, profiled in the book, and available as open source for continued experimentation.

Beyond that, Mark has written the CommonsWare Android Components (CWAC), a collection of open source libraries to solve a variety of smaller problems in Android app development, from securing Internet communications to integrating with the camera.

Mark has also contributed to other open source projects, such as NetCipher and F-Droid.

To date, Mark Murphy has answered over 20,000 questions related to Android app development on Stack Overflow. His reputation has him inside the top 10 Stack Overflow contributors worldwide, across all subjects.

Mark presents at several conferences each year. He is a regular at conferences in the mid-Atlantic area of the US, such as AnDevCon (DC, Boston), droidcon NYC, and DevFest DC. He occasionally presents outside of that area, and also delivers some presentations to meetups by remote.

Occasionally, a conference publishes videos of Mark speaking — this page aggregates a number of those videos.

Mark Murphy is many things. He is not a social media maven.

That being said, Mark has a long-running blog on Android app development and posts occasionally on Twitter.