Introductory Android App Development Week

CommonsWare offers a week-long introductory Android app development course. This is ideal for quickly getting a team “up to speed” on building Android apps.

The Agenda

The introductory course is divided into two phases: a hands-on phase and a lecture phase.


The first ~1.5 days of the training will be mostly hands-on, having the team develop an Android app from scratch. Your instructor will lead the team through a series of steps to start a project and build a UI. Those steps mirror the tutorials found in Exploring Android. Attendees receive a copy of this book as part of their training, and those that are interested can continue with additional tutorials in the book that are beyond the scope of what we work on directly in the course.

In this phase, attendees will learn things like:


The balance of the course builds upon the core concepts learned in the hands-on phase, to flesh out more of the critical pieces of Android app development that all developers need to know.

This includes:

Android Internals and the Process Model

Resource Sets, Configuration Changes, and the Lifecycle



Files and Preferences


Internet Access

Intents and Intent Filters




Doing Periodic Work

Inside the Uri

Consuming Content Streams

Consuming Database-Style Content

ContentProvider Basics

Using FileProvider and StreamProvider


If you find this to be interesting, or if you have questions, contact CommonsWare!