Introductory Android App Development Week

CommonsWare offers a week-long introductory Android app development course. This is ideal for quickly getting a team “up to speed” on building Android apps.

Monday: Welcome to Kotlin!

Modern Android apps tend to be written in Kotlin, as opposed to Java. Google is pushing developers towards writing Kotlin code, and Kotlin offers greater flexibility for using that code across multiple platforms.

This day’s material will teach your team the basics of the Kotlin language, leveraging their existing programming skills (e.g., Java, JavaScript, Ruby). This will be a mix of lecture and attendees experimenting with Kotlin in a “sandbox” environment.

In particular, we will examine:

Tuesday-Friday: Welcome to Android!

Here is the roster of topics that will be covered in the course. Note, though, that there may be some minor changes to accommodate changes in Android, development tools, and libraries.

The structure of these days will be to alternate short periods of lecture with hands-on work. The hands-on portions will be structured step-by-step tutorials, designed to allow developers to work at their own pace to build up an Android app. While there will be time during the course week for attendees to do the hands-on work, not everybody will work at the same speed. As a result, the tutorials are also designed to be used on their own, after the course, for attendees who do not have time to finish them.

Getting Started

A Quick Project Tour

Making Basic Changes

Building a Simple UI

Making More Screens

Adding Some Architecture

Testing Our Work

Storing Our Data

What Else Do We Need to Know?


If you find this to be interesting, or if you have questions, contact CommonsWare!