Perhaps you work at a company that needs introductory training for its employees. Or, perhaps you have a team that is in need of continuing education on intermediate or advanced topics.

With private on-site training from CommonsWare, you choose the seminars, and you and CommonsWare jointly choose the dates. CommonsWare provides the trainer, and you handle the rest of the logistics.

The result is a custom event, on topics and dates of interest to you.

What "Private" Means

With private training, your organization sponsoring the training:

  • Works with CommonsWare to set up the topics and training dates
  • Supplies the training venue
  • Arranges for people to attend the training, whether that is telling in-house staff to attend or offering public registration for the training

CommonsWare will conduct the training at your chosen venue on your chosen topics on the mutually-agreed-upon dates.

How This Works

The first step is to contact CommonsWare by email, who will then get back to you to collect some basic details about you, your organization, the desired seminars, and the location for training. We will continue the email discussion to work out the details, such as where and when it should be held. CommonsWare will also discuss how much the training will cost.

From there, it is mostly up to you. If you agree to hold the training, you can reserve your desired venue and invite your attendees. For standard seminars, the venue and audience can be whatever size you want, so long as you provide suitable audio/visual support (e.g., HDMI-capable projector with a screen big enough for everyone to see).


If this sounds intriguing to you, contact CommonsWare by email.