Continuing education in Android app development is a challenge. To help with that, your Android development group may have members interested in CommonsWare's focused seminars, and so you would like to "demand" that CommonsWare hold one or more seminars in your city. In that case, full-service training may be what you need.

With full-service training, CommonsWare handles almost everything for you, from surveying your members to see what seminars they want, to booking the training venue, registering attendees, and conducting the training.

The result is a custom event, on the topics and dates that your members want, in your city, with your organization having little work to do, and at no cost to the organization itself.

What "Full-Service" Means

With full-service training, your organization sponsoring the training:

  • Pays nothing
  • Does little work, other than promoting the training to the organization's members, such as via email or social media posts
  • Gets some training "seats" (spots for attendees) for free to distribute as desired (random drawing, "scholarships" for disadvantaged members, etc.)

The dates and topics for the training are determined by surveys of the organization's members. CommonsWare handles the logistics for you, including selecting the training venue (though if you have a venue that you prefer, we can try to use it).

The result is an easy way to help members learn more about Android app development, with little effort on the organization's part.

Why Offer Training?

Android is constantly changing, and the rules and guidelines from the past are not necessarily the best practices for modern app development. Worse, Android is vast, and developers who are "heads-down" and focused on day-to-day concerns might miss some key changes, such as the move away from files towards content, or the latest salvos in the war on background processing. And most public courses are expensive week-long events, on introductory topics chosen by the trainer, not by the attendees.

Whether the seminars are held on weekdays or weekends, attendees get a chance to catch up and broaden their education on Android app development, at a reasonable price, locally. Plus, they get to choose the topics for the seminars, to focus on areas of need. And, with live training, they can get their questions answered in real time, from somebody who answers a lot of Android app development questions.

How This Works

The first step is to fill out the request for training, where we collect some basic details about you, your organization, and the location for training. CommonsWare will then contact you to discuss a bit more about the training and where it should be held.

CommonsWare will then set up a survey, to gauge interest in the training, including particulars like preferred days and preferred seminars. This way, we can tailor training to what your attendees are interested in. CommonsWare will give you a URL to this survey, which you can promote for a month to try to see if there is interest.

If enough people respond positively to the survey, CommonsWare will:

  • Reserve a place to hold the training
  • Set up EventBrite registration forms for the training, for a per-day training fee based on the number of seminars, typically $100-200 per attendee per seminar-day
  • Give you links to the EventBrite listings, so you can promote the training

Once enough attendees have registered, and the classes are confirmed to run, CommonsWare will work with you for giving away training "seats" as you see fit.


If this sounds intriguing to you, fill out the short request for training form, and CommonsWare will get back to you promptly to work out the details.

If you have additional questions, head over to the FAQ, and perhaps they are answered there!