Do I Need an Organized Group for Full-Service Training?

No! If you have a way to communicate with other Android developers in your area, even on an informal or ad hoc basis, we can try to hold some training in your area. The key is the way to reach out to local developers, and while a meetup or similar developer group is a common way to do this, if you have alternatives, we can certainly explore that.

However, since we do not want to keep nagging people in your area about potential seminars, if we try to set up seminars in your area and do not get enough interest to hold them, CommonsWare will not reconsider your area for a year. So, do not sign up to try to help organize seminars unless you are ready to contact people in your area by MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace, or other means.

How Many Attendees Do We Need?

For full-service training, we do need to have a decent number of attendees to justify holding the training while keeping the per-attendee price down. We need at least 20 people to register before a seminar will be guaranteed to run.

If there is mild interest in the training, but not enough for on-site training, we can explore holding the training online, as those can be much smaller.

Can We Hold Just a One-Day Seminar?

In the US, yes! Otherwise, no, there is a two-day minimum.

For full-service training, bear in mind that while we need to get a sufficient audience for that number of days, it does not have to be the same attendees at each day. From a registration and content standpoint, each seminar stands alone. So, you may have some people attend all available days of the seminars, while some people only attend one.

How Many Free “Seats” Do I Get For My Organization Sponsoring Full-Service Training?

At least two, and possibly more. They will become available in two phases:

What If My Country Is Not Listed on the Full-Service or Private Training Survey?

Choose “Other” from the list and fill in your country name in the field that appears below the list.

The list contains countries for which a US citizen (like the trainer) can visit and do business without a work visa. That list will slowly expand, as CommonsWare confirms the work visa requirements for other countries.

If you request a country that is not on the list, CommonsWare will do the research and determine how practical it is, in terms of visa requirements, to conduct training in your desired country.

If CommonsWare cannot send a trainer to your country, it is possible that we could still hold the training, but do so online. That is not nearly as good of a training experience as is on-site live training, but live online training may still be a viable alternative for you.

So, tell CommonsWare where you would like to hold the training, and we can work from there.

What If I Have Questions That Are Not Covered Here?

Contact CommonsWare with any such questions. You should get a reply back fairly promptly.