Android App Development Training

CommonsWare offers a series of seminars on Android app development topics, from the earliest introductory material up through advanced subjects. Use just a couple, or assemble a week-long event that is customized to fit your needs

CommonsWare offers private training, where you choose the seminars to cover. In addition, CommonsWare offers a unique full-service training model, aimed at meetups and other Android development groups, where CommonsWare can work with your membership to determine the training topics and dates that are of interest.

All of this builds on CommonsWare's breadth of expertise in Android and depth of experience in delivering training.

CommonsWare offers a dozen one-day seminars, on everything from the basics of getting started in Android to advanced topics. This includes material on the latest-and-greatest features of the latest Android OS version, plus interesting items that arose from the most recent Google I|O conference.

Your training can have one or several of these seminars in a custom course, to cover just what you need, rather than be stuck with some agenda that wastes time on topics that do not interest you.

If you are interested in a traditional, week-long introductory course, CommonsWare offers that too.

With private training, you just ask CommonsWare to hold some seminars, and CommonsWare takes it from there.

Mark Murphy has been an internationally-known leader in Android app development since 2008, with the debut of his book, The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development. Since then, he has trained over 1,000 developers, spoken at dozens of conferences and smaller events, answered 19,000+ Stack Overflow answers, and has otherwise contributed to the Android development ecosystem.

There are other training firms, with other Android app development courses. None offer what CommonsWare does:

  • Custom-assembled courses from focused seminars
  • Training offered in your area... even if you are not in some major metropolitan area
  • Cost-effective training, through competitive pricing and focused, shorter-duration training
  • And more!