Android App Development Training

CommonsWare offers a week-long introductory course on Android app development. This course is designed to get a team "up to speed" on building Android apps using modern techniques and the latest tools and libraries.

This builds on CommonsWare's wealth of expertise in Android and depth of experience in teaching people how to build Android apps. Not only has Mark Murphy personally trained over a thousand developers using these courses and seminars, but he has written the leading books on the subject and has helped most of the world's Android developers along the way.

The introductory course mixes hands-on training and lecture to deliver the core knowledge that Android app developers need to be successful in writing modern apps using the Kotlin programming language.

The course covers getting a basic project set up, modifying the user interface to contain several screens and a range of UI widgets, and incorporating the Jetpack technologies for navigation, database storage, and UI architecture.

At the end of the course, attendees will be ready to start building Android apps to meet your organization's needs.

Mark Murphy has been an internationally-known leader in Android app development since 2008, with the debut of his original Android book, The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development. Since then, he has trained over 1,000 developers, spoken at dozens of conferences and smaller events, answered 20,000+ Stack Overflow answers, and has otherwise contributed to the Android development ecosystem.

He has since gone on to write several additional books on Android app development, including the second-generation book Elements of Android Jetpack.